I was rear ended while I was in law school. I was sitting a red light that had long been red, and then I see a big black sedan speeding at me. I see the big black sedan is not slowing down. I’m scared. I scream. I prepare for the impact. Then, all of a sudden, there is a loud smashing sound, my car is propelled forward and to the left at a high rate of speed due to the negligent driver of the black sedan. My head smashes against my seat. I get out of my car a minute later, and the driver of the other car tells me, “I’m sorry, I was paying attention to my child in the back seat. I wasn’t paying attention to the road.” I suffered severe, life altering injuries to my head, neck, and back. I go to months of therapy and rehab. I follow the doctor’s orders. I end up getting injections in my spine to numb the constant pain and discomfort. I was insured. The negligent driver was insured. You would think that the case would settle quickly, but you’re wrong.

In this sad world, even if you were not at fault for a crash, even if you were insured, even if the other driver was clearly negligent and at fault, even if the other driver had insurance, even if you followed the doctor’s orders, there is a great chance that the insurance companies are going to screw you. The insurance companies are going to tell you the car crash was your fault, that you are faking your injuries, that you didn’t need therapy and treatment for your pain and suffering, that you didn’t follow doctor’s orders and that your life and property is not worth what you know its worth. I have been there. I have experienced what you have experienced.

For these reasons, you need a tough and aggressive personal injury trial lawyer for your car crash, truck crash, slip-and-fall, dog bite, workplace injury, and product defect case. What makes me your ideal personal injury trial lawyer is that I am hungry for success. I have worked for one of the best personal injury lawyers in Texas. I work with my father, who has over 30 years of experience in getting money for victims of other people’s bad decisions in personal injury, trucking, and car crash cases. I am learning the most successful personal injury investigation and trial strategies, and I frequently take cases to trial, unlike most civil lawyers. Remember, you don’t pay unless we win.