Houston is a hotbed for prostitution.  Whether you are the “John” soliciting a prostitute, or the prostitute, you can be charged with prostitution.  There is a special program called SAFE Court for women between 17 and 25 charged with prostitution.  If you are willing and eligible, you can participate in the education based probation in exchange for a dismissal. Another option sometimes to complete an AIDS awareness class in exchange for a dismissal. For those that are not eligible, more of these cases should go to trial.  Why?  The undercover VICE cops lie for a living, and there is rarely good audio or video evidence against the accused.  A first time prostitution arrest is a class B misdemeanor, your second and third charges are class A’s, and if you have three prior convictions you are looking at a state jail. Even a first time prostitution conviction is a big deal, as future prostitution charges will be more heavily charged.  Hire me to by your attorney for your prostitution charges and we can fight the government together.



Compelling prostitution, promoting prostitution, and aggravated promotion of prostitution are the charges that can be made against pimps.  These are all extremely serious charges.


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