There are two types of probation in Texas, and if you may have violated probation, you need a local criminal defense lawyer now more than ever.  The first kind of probation is called “straight probation.”  A person is on straight probation when they plead guilty to a crime, the conviction is a final conviction, and you do probation, also known as community supervision, instead of jail time.  The second type of probation is called “deferred adjudication.”  When a person is on deferred adjudication, the person pleads guilty to the crime, but there is no final conviction.  Rather, if you successfully complete your deferred adjudication, which you can end early, the case is dismissed and you can get you record expunged.

In either type of probation, if you mess up, even the slightest, your bondsman may revoke bond, or the prosecutor or probation officer may file a Motion to Adjudicate.  A Motion to Adjudicate is basically a mini-trial to determine whether you violated probation, and to sentence you for the crime you were on probation for.  You can beat a Motion to Adjudicate, you just need a local and aggressive Texas Criminal Defense Attorney to fight your case.  If you lose the motion to adjudicate, you could be facing jail or prison for the time you plead to.  It’s worth noting, we can always ask the judge to extend your probation, or terminate it early but unsatisfactory to avoid jail.



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