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“Just an overall good guy and a good attorney. I appreciate the really good job he did for me. Even though he was court appointed he still dedicated his time and effort to making sure I didn’t get in trouble for something I didn’t do. Thank you man”– Jacon C.

“Hands down the best attorney I’ve ever had, I had two out of three felony cases dismissed! He saved my life, thank you!”– Ashlee H.

“I Have hired Cory on two separate occasions and he is very hard working , honest and intelligent. He is also a fantastic trial lawyer”– Eric B.

“Great lawyer and always available when needed. Would highly recommend. Very professional.”– Jason C.

“Cory Roth is a great guy with a great attitude. He knows his law and puts the effort. He is responsive and nice enough to reassure me to not be worried for anything. I would really recommend him. He gets the job done! Thank you Cory.”– Elizabeth J.

“Shows up to court well dressed and carries himself with confidence. Knows the law and is willing to put in the time and research required to keep you updated on your case. Will never leave you stranded in the courtroom without representation and has never failed to pick up the phone when I’ve had questions.
The cost was fair and I have no complaints.”– Jonathan

“I would like to thank mr.Cory Roth before him I was offered two years prison time on a felony case I did not commit after after hiring him less than 3 months my case was dismissed best lawyer no doubt”– Jesse G

“Mr. Roth has represented me for a year and a half now. He has done an amazing job throughout the entire process and has kept good communication with me. The day has finally come that his hard work paid off. I highly recommend Attorney Cory Roth. He doesn’t stop till the job is done, and was always honest with me about everything.” – J.W., Former Client

“Attorney Roth is one the best attorneys I have ever had. He told me at the beginning that he thought he would be able to get my case dismissed. I was sceptical at first, but in the end he was a man of his word and did exactly what he said he would do. I am so happy that Cory Roth was my attorney.”– Q. P., Former Client

“After having started off as a Legal Assistant to a criminal attorney 30 years ago, but now in another sector of the legal field, I know of many high caliber attorneys, yet soo many don’t seem to have the attitude, zest and love for trying to get the government to do the right thing, and to do it quickly and at a reasonable fee. I can honestly say that my experience with Cory Roth was extremely satisfying. He is knowledgeable in what he does, and he kept me informed every step of the way in the legal matter that I entrusted him with. The results were difficult to achieve, but he did it. The case was dismissed and one was reduced. He is a great advocate for those in need of help fighting this unfair judicial system! If ever there is another matter, or situation that requires a criminal attorney he will always be referred by me!”– V. G., Former Client

“This guy was appointed as my public defender! I dont know what he’s like as a paid attorney but he got my case dismissed in 5 minutes! He look at the judge like, “your Honor are you kidding me?” He went to battle for me and I didn’t pay him a dime. It was obvious that he cared. He didn’t want to see me convicted on some b.s. that most public defenders would have ignored and let me burn. I can’t imagine how good he is if he is getting paid! I highly recommend this man as your lawyer!”– D.R., Former Client

“I went to Texas to go see my brother graduate from the Air Force same time last year and I got into a car accident… Police came and harassed me and my family member and I had 3 joint of marijuana and got caught with it … The state of Texas was trying to give me a felony and misdemeanor , thanks to Mr. Roth not only did he reduced my felony to misdemeanor but also had my other misdemeanor dropped … Not only am I satisfied with the outcome of the situation but I’m happy I made the right choice by hiring Mr. Roth Great man, and a true defense attorney !!! Thank you sir”– Armando T.

“Mr. Roth, My name is Larry. I was one of 6 jurors that sat on your possession trial yesterday. I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the time and effort you spent leading to yesterday’s events. While we were not able to hear the entire case it was clear from the beginning that the prosecution was unprepared. I am not sure what happened during handlebars testimony that lead to the dismissal, but I am glad there are young and hungry defenders like you in Harris County. I do not fit the same demographic your client does, but it has become clear even to me that some members of our society do not get the same treatment as others by law enforcement. However, I am not willing to place the entirety of the fault for this situation on our police force alone. I think your ilk are the only opposition to oppressive situations such as this and unchecked am sure it would spread to every citizen. I am certain that without a man (or woman) like you putting the man hours in your client would not have fared as well as she did. Congratulations. I can sleep more soundly knowing there are people like you fighting this fight so I do not have to. Thank you.”– Juror L.

“This guy comes from good stock and will only be limited by his dreams.”– Big J.

“Great lawyer! But also a great man! He helped me get out of a situation when I was new to Houston and also new to the state of Texas.”– Natali

“Highly Recommend Cory Roth is a kind, considerate, and compassionate person. He was very knowledgeable and always kept me in the loop of what was going on, even after everything was said and done he followed up on everything he said he would, and treated me as a person. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, and am very grateful for his help.”– Derrick

“If you need an attorney to defend or fight for you, a friend or a family member, this should be your choice..Cory roth is though,smart and he’s determined to provide you with the utmost excellence when it comes to your legal issues… we are only allowed to give 5 stars but this guy deserves many more…”– Tyrone

“Cory represented me in a possession of marijuana (0-2 oz) case that I felt should have never happened. Initially, prosecutors wanted me to have time served, which was not what I had in mind at all. I wanted to take this to trial, but I know going in there with an incompetent lawyer would have exposed me to risks worse than a time served sentencing. Cory told me he was trial-ready, and I can say he definitely was. He was professional, knowledgable, and courteous. At pre-trial, Cory had my case dismissed which was exactly what I wanted. Ultimately, Cory represented me effectively and didn’t allow the prosecutor to have their way.”– Robert

“Cory Roth defended me in a assault case and he was able to get me a dismissal and only accept a class c misdemeanor in a family violence case with injury involved. The thing I was most impressed with was his personal attention to my case and how he kept me so informed every step of the way. This young lawyer is going to get more and more clients with this type of service. Please feel comfortable choosing Cory as your attorney for your next legal need.”– Steve

Did everything he said he would do! (and more) – Cory was one of the only lawyers we hired that actually took the time to listen to everything I had to say and the story I had to tell. I had talked to lawyers that told me “Man, you’re just going to go to jail.” and Cory never once said that. He always gave me advice and was looking out for me not only legally but in personal life too. Being young and accused falsely, I had a very negative view of the situation I was in but he really helped me to keep my head up and advised me to do certain things and enroll in specific programs that would benefit me and that the judge would recognize in a positive light. I am forever grateful for the way Cory believed in me and his efficient, effective, yet very compassionate way of handling my case. When he says he knows a judge he does… and when he says he can do everything to help you – he will. I was even struggling with money with my roommate for a while and he let us make late payments so we could survive. He has a big heart and a wise mind! You will not regret hiring him!”– Andreah & Carlos

Excellent Service – We hired Cory for our son’s case. He did what he said he would. That goes a long way for me. I would hire him again if needed.”– A Satisfied Client

Compassionate and Swift – Extraordinary customer service, and patriotic support. I needed help with an unjustified charge. Being a caretaker and a disabled veteran, Mr Roth worked with my situation and was able to get my fees reduced to a fraction without any hassle. I highly recommend his firm, very professional.”– Henry

Do you want to go to home or go to JAIL – Bottom Line if you need an attorney that will have your back through the entire process. An attorney that will go above and ….beyond what is required. I came into this with every other lawyer telling me that I had no chance of winning this Trial. He put in months of effort and kept my spirits high. At the very moment I was ready to give up He called me to his office and simply said relax. So I did and I left my freedom in his hands. I showed up to court today expecting jail time. Instead My attorney looked back at me with a smile and whispered case dismissed. My advice to anyone looking for an attorney that will go above and beyond his call duty to get you the deal that you deserve. WELL DON’T HESITATE CALL CORY ROTH. YOU HAVE MY WORD HE IS THAT RARE ATTORNEY THAT ACTUALLY IS IN IT FOR YOU, THE CLIENT, AND NOT THE STATE OR THE MONEY.”– Joshua A.

One of the best and brightest. – I worked as co-counsel with Cory on some tough cases, and he helped me win a great result for my clients in each instance. I keep coming back to him because he know’s what he’s doing and I can trust him to be honest. He’s your guy.”– A Satisfied Client

“Possession – He was excellent from the very begging to the end of my trial. He was a huge help for me in the case I knew I couldn’t handle alone. Im so glad he accepted to be my attorney.”– Brayan

THE BEST LAWYER!!!!!!!! – I have been dealing with a case for a year and Cory had got it dismissed. He is a good lawyer, he is very responsible, intelligent, and a fighter for his client. I well recommend him to other people. Thanks a lot Cory.”– Courtney

HE’S THE MAN FOR THE JOB” TWICE TO BE EXACT! – I was highly satisfied with the work he has performed regarding my criminal case. My case was dismissed without having to go to trial. I was very confident in taking this case to trial using Mr. Roth as my attorney. He was the third attorney i retained regarding the matter, firing the other two. Basically upon arriving at his office the first time explaining the situation before leaving i was told to leave my worries in his office they were now his worries. That being said is what i was capable of doing because of the feeling of confidence I had speaking to him. I retained him twice with both outcomes successful leaving me very satisfied. “WELL DONE”– Amy

Great Service, Professional and Personable – Cory helped my son with a non-disclosure case. He made us feel very comfortable and he always kept us informed. He treated us with respect and explained all of our options. He is very honest and dependable. I highly recommend Cory to anyone who wants their case handled as if it was his only case.”– Audrey

“Cory defended me successfully. Getting me a dismissal on a assault charge with injury only having to accept a class c. In addition, he was very attentive and responsive during my 7 month issue. He answered every time I called his cell phone and kept me informed the entire time. I would not hesitate to recommend Cory to anyone and furthermore, will be using him again for any legal need. This young attorney is only going to get better at his craft. A bright and positive future is at hand.”– Stephen

Highly Recommend – Cory Roth is a kind, considerate, and compassionate person. He was very knowledgeable and always kept me in the loop of what was going on, even after everything was said and done he followed up on everything he said he would, and treated me as a person. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, and am very grateful for his help.”– Derek

“I had a consult with Mr Roth while trying to help a friend find an attorney. It was obvious he is very sharp and thinks on his feet. He also thinks outside the regular defense attorney box. Unfortunately, my friend was not able to use him. I would in a heart beat if I needed an attorney. I bet he rattles the court room a bit”– D’Lorah C.

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