• June 2016: Felony Tampering With Evidence Dismissed in Colorado County

    Client got in a minor fender bender in Columbus, Colorado County, Texas.  The local sheriff’s illegally detained my client, and waited for the Texas Troopers to show up.  My client admits to having marijuana, yet supposedly tries throwing it away at the same time.  Interestingly, the sheriff’s don’t write an offense report and never turn over their dash cam videos, and the Troopers don’t write an offense report for over a month.  After exposing this pattern if the government tampering with evidence, the felony tampering with evidence case was dismissed and my client took a deferred on possession of marijuana. I really wish we could have tried this one!

  • June 2016: $20,000 Saved In Fort Bend County Toll Road Case (85% Reduction)

  • June 2016: 40% Savings in Harris County Toll Road Court

  • June 2016: $2,550 Saved In Fort Bend County Toll Road Case (85% Reduction)

  • June 2016: 40% Savings in Harris County Toll Road Court

  • April 2016: Harris County Toll Road Debt of $3,979 Completely Eliminated

    Client went through a nasty divorce and the court ordered all debt after a certain date be assigned to her ex-husband. The Harris County Toll Road Authority tried charging my client $3,979. We presented the consent decree to the judge and all of her debt was eliminated, erased, completely.

  • April 2016: Felony Reduced To Misdemeanor Deferred

    This was a hard-faught case where my client was charged with possession of marijauna after she called the police and the cops illegally, in my opinion, kicked the door in when she was not there. These are the hard ones: where I as an attorney think there is a viable defense both legally and factually, but the client gives up after a year of being screwed around by the State.

  • March 2016: $17,233.32 saved in Toll Road Settlement

    Client owed the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority a little over $21,000. I managed to work out a deal that saved him 80%.

  • March 2016: Indecent Exposure Not Guilty in Harris County

    I was invited to sit second chair with a mentor in an Indecent Exposure trial in Harris County where the client allegedly masturbated in the drive-thru at a Whataburger. It was a great feeling to help my client get a Not Guilty verdict on a such a serious case.

  • March 2016: $4,747.98 Saved in Toll Road Settlement

    Saved a client 75% of fees in Fort Bend County.

  • March 2016: $4,000 Saved Following Harris County Toll Road Court Trial

  • March 2016:$ 1,500 Saved Following Harris County Toll Toad Court Trial

  • February 2016: $15,000 Saved In Fort Bend County Toll Road Negotiations

  • February 2016: $4,000 Saved In Fort Bend County Toll Road Negotiations

  • February 2016: $4,000 Reduction at Harris County Administrative Toll Road Hearing

    Plus, the court refused to order my client to pay the $500 hearing fee that the toll road authority lawyers requested.

  • January 2016: Felon in Possession of a A Firearm Case Dismissed

    Hardin County Sheriff’s Deputies and Texas State Trooper were called out to the hotel where my client was staying by a snitch who claimed my client was smoking marijuana in the room adjoining his.  Cops show up to the hotel and get a master key from the hotel manager.  My client gets upstairs at the same time as the cops.  Cops pat down my client then open the door to several rooms, including my client’s.  The cops found about 2 ounces of pot, a pistol, and several clips.  This, my friends, is what we call an illegal warrantless search.  Cops can’t go into your hotel room without a warrant in most circumstances.  Not only was the case dismissed, but the case wasn’t even presented to the grand jury!

  • January 2016: Super Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child Dismissed on Trial Day in Harris County

    DISMISSAL_SNIPI was hired  just before trial to help try a super aggravated sexual of a child case in Harris County where our client voluntarily confessed to his pastors, CPS, and the police to sexually assaulting his two year old niece.  While all of his confessions were due to hallucinations, the worse part of his confession to the police was coerced.  Read my full blog article on this case.  What a great way to start the year!

  • December 2015: Harris County Improper Photography Case Dismissed

    Harris County Improper Photography Case Dismissed - December 2015

    Well, getting a dismissal on a felony Improper Photography charge is a pretty good way to end 2015.  I just wish I had gotten the dismissal under better circumstances.   In case you don’t know, Improper Photography is also known as Revenge Porn.  Don’t do it, folks.

    Improper Photography Case Dismissed
    Improper Photography Case Dismissed
  • November 2015: Helped Pick DWI Jury That Returned Not Guilty Verdict

    For the second time in a few months, I helped pick a jury with one of my mentors, Troy McKinney.  This time it was in Harris County, and this time he got a not guilty verdict.  Full disclosure: I only helped pick the jury as I was not available for the rest of the trial.

  • November 2015: Brazoria County Terroristic Threat Deferred

    My big jolly client allegedly pointed a gun in his long term ex girlfriend’s face and told her he’d kill her if she didn’t leave his property.  The district attorney wondered why this wasn’t an aggravated assault.  My answer: not even the cops believed her.

  • November 2015: Brazoria County Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

    When the police went to pick up my client on a warrant, they conducted an arguably illegal search of his bag that was not on him for a gun.  The cops opened up a key chain pill holder and found some weed.  This was part of a deferred plea deal, but I was comfortable taking this one to trial.

  • November 2015: Brazoria County Assault Family Violence Case Dismissed

    My client allegedly hit his girlfriend/trailer park manager to the ground, causing her to suffer a scrape.  The girlfriend admitted to me that she was drunk and the aggressor.  This dismissal was part of a plea deal, but I felt comfortable taking it to trial.

  • October 2015: Harris County Felony Prostitution Case Dismissed

    My client was charged with felony prostitution.  In Texas, if you have been convicted of misdemeanor prostitution three time, the next time you are charged with prostitution, it is a felony.  This was a weak case against my client. No audio, no video, and the indictment was screwed up — meaning a directed verdict of not guilty if the judge followed the law, and a great shot a not guilty verdict from the jury if we reached that far. Unfortunately, the judge threw my client in jail after she failed a drug test just before trial, and then the judge reset the case for two month — evil stuff — forcing my client to plea.  At least we got the felony dismissed and she took a deal on a misdemeanor.  Not bad, but so easily could have been better.  FYI,  DON’T DO DRUGS WHILE ON BOND!

    My Client Stole A Verdict From Me
    My Client Stole A Verdict From Me
  • October 2015: Harris County Felon In Possession of Weapons Case Dismissed

    Harris County accepted charges for felon in possession of a firearm in the felony marijuana case from above.  I made sure the charges wouldn’t be filed as part of the plea deal.  Technically the charges weren’t dismissed, but this is even better… great deal for my client.

    Felon In Possession of a Firearm Dismissed
    Felon In Possession of a Firearm Dismissed
  • October 2015: Montgomery County Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

    My client was allegedly hitting the bong at a stop sign.  After sitting there for several minutes, hotboxing the car, an officer tapped on his window.  The Montgomery County ADA dismissed the case because my client passed a drug test, but this was an illegal search and I was ready for trial.

  • October 2015: Great Deal In Harris County Felony Possession of Marijuana Case

    My client was facing five to life before I was hired.  He was busted when the cops lied to his mother — saying that someone called 911 and hung up and they need to do a welfare check — and needed to come into the house.  Unfortunately for client and mom, mom had anxiety, and client was bedwritten after having several major surgeries.  The cops come in and do a bogus search before finding a grow room with  a whole lot of marijuana.  They also found some rifles and guns.  My client was a felon.  I forget what the original offer was, but the prosecutor thought there was 100 pounds of weed — uh no!  That was the weight of the entire plants, and soil too.  My client’s prior criminal lawyer on this case didn’t do a damn thing, and that pisses me off.  Lucky my client hired me just before trial.  He ended up taking 9 months on the marijuana case, which is way better then the minimum of 5 years.  I really hate that he pled, because I felt very confident that I would win a motion to suppress on the totally illegal search.  Damn lying cops.

    Not The Actual Grow Room
    Not The Actual Grow Room
  • September 2015: Fort Bend County DWI Not Guilty

    I helped my mentor, Troy McKinney, pick a jury in a DWI trial in Fort Bend County.  Troy won a motion to suppress the next morning and get a directed verdict of not guilty.It’s not my verdict, but getting the chance to pick a jury and sit second with one of the best DWI attorneys in the nation is a priceless experience.

  • August 2015: Assault Family Violence Case Dismissed

    Client allegedly backhanded her significant other while her significant other was fighting. After the couple parked, my client allegedly tossed the car keys across the parking lot. Case Dismissed.

  • July 2015: Resisting Arrest Not Guilty

    I helped Paul V. Kendell pick a jury in a resisting arrest case and helped win a Not Guilty verdict in Harris County.  We struck gold when the arresting officer said Paul’s client couldn’t hear the officer.  Why?  Because the client was deaf!

  • September 2015: Harris County Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon Dismissed

  • September 2015: Harris County Assault Family Violence Dismissed

    My “street kid” client was charged with assault for getting into a fight with his girlfriend under a bridge. The state thought she would show up to trial.  She wasn’t going to.  Case dismissed.  I really wanted to try this one.  It would have been fun.

  • August 2015: Children Returned in CPS Case

    CPS illegally took my client’s children away. I made sure she got them back.

  • August 2015: Harris County Trespassing Case Dismissed

    There was a no trespass warning against my client, which made it a crime for her to be on that particular property.  The warning was issued because she had been arrested for prostitution at that address several time.  She also lived in the area.  One day in May she was walking down the street as it began to rain, after it had been flooding for several days.  My client went onto the forbidden property so as not to be arrested.  I used the necessity defense to get the case dismissed.  Again — I don’t care what the prosecutors write on their dismissals — just another sign of their dishonesty.

    harris county trespassing dismissed
    harris county trespassing dismissed
  • July 2015: Harris County Possession of Controlled Substance Case Dismissed

    My client was walking down the street in Third Ward, Houston, Harris County, Texas pushing his bike.  A cop decides to pull him over and detain him for the Class B Misdemeanor of Obstructing a Highway.  What a BS, race based stop!  The cop then proceeds to pat my client down, despite not having any probable cause to do so! He finds a bag of cocaine.  Well guess what?  You can’t do that!  You need to have a reasonable suspicion — the cop must be able to state and articulate why you think a person may pose a danger to you — and the search may only be for weapons (no manipulating the pocket or putting your hand into the pocket) — or have probable cause to search — which the officer did not.  Illegal Search = Case Dismissed!

    The DA can write whatever she wants on the dismissal form to make her happy. It Was A BAD SEARCH!
    The DA can write whatever she wants on the dismissal form to make her happy. It Was A BAD SEARCH!
  • July 2015: Great Plea Deal in Harris County Evading Case

    I wish my client’s mother would have let me client fight this one.  How can it be evading if you don’t have rearview mirrors on your bicycle and the sirens weren’t on?  Still, not a bad deal.

  • July 2015: Harris County Possession of Marijuana Dismissed Mid-Trial

    Another mid-trial possession of marijuana dismissal in Harris County.  This client was in a car that was illegally searched and there were no affirmative links.  I should have gotten a directed verdict of not guilty here.

  • July 2015: Harris County Prostitution Case Dismissed

    My client was busted in a cantina with a ledger, there was voice recordings, and several witnesses.  Case dismissed.

  • April 2015: Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon and Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

    Client was driving on Highway 59 back home to Mississippi when the cop pulled him over for driving in the left hand lane without passing. The cop took my client out of his car, and the computer said the car was stolen. The cop then determined the car was not stolen and asked my client for consent to search his car. My client exercised his right to deny consent, and the cop the brought out a K9. The K9 hit on some weed then found the gun. We demonstrated to the prosecutor that detaining my any longer after he denied consent to search his car was unlawful. Case Dismissed.

  • March 2015: Deadly Conduct Case Dismissed

    Client went to visit an elderly friend when a neighbor started yelling at my client for yelling at the lady’s kids. The lady claimed that my client waved a knife at her and threatened to stab her. I discovered that the lady had several fraud and forgery convictions and could not be trusted, in addition to no knife being recovered. I tried taking the case to trial, but when I told the prosecutor what the deal is, Case Dismissed.

  • March 2015: Harris County Possession of Marijuana Motion to Suppress Granted, and Case Dismissed Mid-Trial

    Harris County Possession of Marijuana Case Not Guilty - March 2015

    Client was sitting in his parked Cadillac at a park in the Fifth Ward when a cop decided to bother him for no good reason. My client was facing a minimum of thirty days, but after picking a jury I filed my motion to suppress. I showed that the cop had no reason to conduct a welfare check and the judge agreed. Motion to suppress granted and case dismissed.

  • February 2015: Harris County Controlled Substance Plea Deal

    My client screwed himself on this one by telling the magistrate at probable cause/bond court that that the drugs were all his. The state offered him 180 days state jail.  After a few resets I was able to get it down to 60 or 90 days 12.44(a), and his pregnant girlfriend’s case was dismissed.  I should get credit for that too, right?  Lesson learned, don’t admit to anything or try to talk you way out of anything during your first court appearance.


  • February 2015: Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed.

    Client was a passenger in car driving the wrong way down a one-way street. The car reeked of weed and marijuana was found all over the car, including under my client’s seat. I showed that the prosecutor couldn’t prove it was my client’s weed. My client was the only occupant of the car out of four that got a straight dismissal.

  • February 2015: Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed

    Client was pulled over for driving with his headlights off at night. The cop found almost two ounces of weed at his passenger’s feet. This was my client’s third Possession of Marijuana charge in a few months. I pushed the case to trial and got the case dismissed.

  • December 2014: Felony Tampering with a Government Document Motion To Suppress Granted, Case Dismissed

    Client was pulled over because a wire was covering his license plate. The cop took my client out of his truck and began searching the truck. The cop then searched the passenger side of the truck before finding check stubs for someone else. The cop then called my client’s boss who brought a copy of the social security card he used to get hired. I filed a motion to suppress alleging that my client was under arrest and the cop did not have probable cause to search his truck. The judge agreed and his felony tampering case was dismissed.

  • November 2014: Felony Solicitation of a Minor Not Guilty

    Client allegedly offered a 16 year old girl money in exchange for a blow job, and after she said no, he parked his truck in the woods and allegedly chased her down. I was able to prove that all the girl ever wanted was the love, attention, and affection of her father, and that she finally got it after making up the allegations. Case Dismissed.

  • October 2014: Possession of Marijuana Case Dismissed.

    Client was smoking a blunt at a low rider car show when the cops busted him. Just a few months later he was caught with weed in his truck after he hit and killed a pedestrian. My client was okay with just one dismiss

  • April 2014: Hays County Public Intoxication Case Dismissed

    My client was over-served at a bar and they wanted it to be his fault?  No.

  • March 2014: Assault Family Violence Case Dismissed

    Client got into a fight with his wife that turned into a food fight. My client flipped a plated that then shattered and caused his wife to suffer a deep gash in her arm. DA wanted jail time and an affirmative finding of family violence. I was able to get the case dismissed if client took a Class C assault by threat slap on the wrist.

  • February 2014: Assault Family Violence Case Dismissed

    Client got into a fight with her mother where both ladies ended up wrestling on the floor. I got an affidavit of non-prosecution and convinced the prosecutor that the mother was the first aggressor. Case Dismissed

  • February 2014: Interfering with an Emergency 911 Phone Call Case Dismissed

    Client allegedly ripped phone out of her mother’s hand when mother was calling 911. I convinced the prosecutor that the mother actually dropped then phone when she attacked my client. Case Dismissed.

  • February 2014: Harris County Obstruction of Highway Case Dismissed

    My client was at the tail end of funeral procession for a fellow biker.  There were thousands of bikers.  My client thought the cop that followed him for 20 miles, despite being called off, was part of the procession. I found some gold in the MDT and radio records where the sergeant called off the arresting officer, and where the arresting officer boasting about how he was going to arrest someone in a biker gang, and wanted to whoop his ass.  Case dismissed.

  • January 2014: Federal Material Witnesses Case Dismissed

    Clients were busted in a major FBI bust of a cantina and human trafficking and prostitution ring in Houston, Texas. The federal government claimed that my clients were material witnesses. I wrote a motion that successfully argued that my client were not victims of human trafficking, there were not material witnesses, and that they should be deported as they wished back to Mexico.

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