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Burglary Charges


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Houston area police and prosecutors are cracking down on burglary suspects. Burglary is the breaking and entering of a building commit a felony inside. If you have been charged with Burglary of a Vehicle, you are charged with a Class A Misdemeanor, Burglary of a Building is a State Jail Felony, and Burglary of a Habitation is a Second Degree Felony, and a First Degree Felony, if you entered the Habitation with Intent to Commit a Felony Other than Theft. There is no doubt that burglary is a serious crime in Texas, but there are many ways to defend these cases. As your burglary lawyer, I will pay special attention to witness credibility, eyewitness mistakes, prejudicial police practices, prejudicial and illegal photo lineups and whether you had a right to be in the place you supposedly were. Don’t forget, there are many lesser included charges


for burglary such as theft, trespassing, and receipt of stolen goods. If you have been charged with burglary you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who will conduct an independent investigation, look into the background of the witnesses, and be ready to take your case to trial.


Trespassing can be a class C, B, or A misdemeanor. A person commits criminal trespass when he enters or remains on another person’s property without the consent of the other person, and had notice that the entry was forbidden or was told to leave but did not. Basically, was it your property? Were you told to leave? Does the complainant have a greater right to on the property than you? Were there no trespassing signs? There are often ways to avoid a final conviction on

Burglary Charges

trespassing charges. Don’t make the bad decision of not hiring a lawyer simply because trespassing charges may not be seen as “serious,” because all criminal convictions are.


If you tagged something, there is a good chance someone saw you do it. There is also a good chance they caught the wrong guy. A person is guilty of graffiti when he intentionally or knowingly marks, draws, or paints on the property of another. The seriousness of the crime depends on the value of the ‘destroyed’ property. This is a rare crime with no true defense, so we look at whether the government can prove your identity and the value of the property. Much like in burglary cases where we try to get clients to pay restitution for destroyed or stolen property in exchange for a dismissal, we will conduct our own independent investigation to determine the value of the graffitied property.

Burglary ChargesCriminal Mischief

Texans don’t like it when their property is destroyed. Criminal Mischief is a crime that is committed when a person, without consent of another, intentionally or knowingly damages, destroys, or tampers with the property of another. Criminal mischief can be a very serious crime, ranging from a first degree felony to a class C misdemeanor depending mostly on the type of property and value of the property. As your lawyer on criminal mischief charges will investigate the value and type of property to make sure you were properly charged, in addition to the usual investigation. Let’s fight your criminal mischief charges together.

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