Reputation Arguably the most important thing for any attorney, but especially a criminal defense attorney, is your reputation.  The very first thing I learned in law school was to protect your reputation. The very first thing I learned as a lawyer was to protect your reputation. The people who passed that knowledge onto me could…

Criminal defendants tend to be confused about the burden of proof just as much as our jurors, and, honestly, many criminal defense attorneys.  If you are charged with a crime in Texas, or anywhere in the United States, it is the government’s (prosecutor’s) to prove your guilt. It is their burden only, and it doesn’t…

Not Guilty in Brazoria County Trials are a rare thing. Not guilty verdicts are an even rare thing. The statistics vary between state and federal court, misdemeanors and felonies, and the type of crimes charged.  They obviously vary between counties and between lawyers. The numbers don’t scare me.  This year alone, I have tried 5…

Long time no blog.

The year is coming to an end, and what a good year it has been for my clients.

I have helped so many clients save so much money this year, it has really been great.  We finally have convinced Linebarger debt collection law firm to be more organized and streamline my cases.  What does this mean for you as a client of the only toll road debt defense lawyer in Houston?  It means your cases are resolved more quickly, and it sure seems like we are saving you more money.

In addition to Linebarger making things easier for us, we have made things easier for you with a much more efficient intake process.  Instead of sending you one contract and one intake form, we have combined the contract and intake form into one document.  Not only that, but we have made the intake form easier to understand and fill out.

It is very important that you provide us will ALL the supporting documents that will help us win your toll road case within two weeks MAX of hiring us.  We will not start working for you until you give us everything you need.  You need to understand how this will save you time, energy, and money.  We aren’t getting rich off these cases.  We want to help our fellow Houstonians in the most cost effective manner possible.

So, please go ahead and fill out the toll road intake form on this website so we can evaluate your case to determine if we can help you in a cost effective way.  If we can, we will shoot you back an email with the intake packet.

We look forward to helping you out.


Cory Roth

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