This was a great week.  I was hired to represent a young man who had purchased an EZ Tag, but forgot to activate it.  Under normal circumstances, I have been able to win big savings for clients in similar circumstances.  This case was a little different and had some special circumstances that allowed me to help save my client $6,088.  That is HUGE saving in the Harris County Toll Road Violations Court.   The attorney for Linebarger was even surprised that the Harris County Toll Road Authority accepted my settlement offer.  What allowed me to save my client so much money way not luck.  It was experience.  I know the right questions to ask my clients to figure out if they are eligible for big savings.  I know the right documents to get to convince the Harris County Toll Road Authority to meet my settlement demands.  I heard this week that there is a baby lawyer out there trying to emulate me.  While I am honored, she is going about it the wrong way.  Her ‘blog’ post was a near identical copy of a speech I gave to the Traffic Lawyers of Texas in Galveston a few months ago.  I recall seeing her, but I don’t recall meeting her.  I don’t recall her thanking me.  In the law game, you pay respect where respect is due.  Needless to say, I have the experience.  I have the knowledge.  I have the success.  So be like the client for whom I saved $6,088 (and hired me to represent him in a Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority Case), and hire me for your toll road violation case so that I can do my best to save you money.


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