I have not been very good at writing this blog.  I really haven’t been writing much at all about toll road cases.  I guess the reason for that could be that I have said pretty much all there is to say about toll road cases, but then again, that wouldn’t be true.  There is always something to learn about my toll road practice, therefore there is always something to say.  For example, I keep learning how to save my clients money.

I need to apologize.  I have noticed that I get many, many visits to my toll road webpage every month.  I have struggled to figure out why I am not converting more of you into clients, or at least why more of you are not contacting me.  I thought that maybe it is because I did write some not-so-nice and moody blog posts. I need to admit that there was a time–nearly a year–where I did not appreciate my toll practice.  It was more burden than benefit, and that was my fault, not yours. Those feelings were a result of having a poor screening system for my toll road cases.  I didn’t know what questions to ask to best evaluate your case.  I didn’t know how to control those of you that just wanted to complain about how screwed up the entire toll road system is.  I didn’t know how to keep my assistant from driving me nuts over these cases.  I just didn’t have a system.

I have a system now.  I have a system that is efficient and effective.  Yet, that still does not answer why more of you are not contacting my office and hiring us to help save you money.  My toll road intake system allows me to very quickly evaluate your case to determine whether I can help you in a cost-effective way; it allows me to contact you quickly and keep my office in the loop; it allows me to set a very fair and very reasonable legal fee; it allows me to keep digital files; it allows me to process your payments safely; it allows me to allow you to stay at your home or job.  It just seems better all around.

Then again, I fear that my new toll road intake system may hurt my practice a little bit.  Why?  We want to direct you almost exclusively to my website to fill out the initial case-evaluation form.  Many of you still call, and my assistant has a very short conversation and directs you to the website.  She doesn’t do this out of annoyance.  She refers you to my website so that she can do her job and so that I can do my job the best way possible for all of you criminal defense, personal injury, and toll road clients.  It is a tough balancing act, but by charging you on $200 on average, we simply cannot devote too much time to a phone conversation we have had 1,000 times with other people, or that will do nothing to help you case. So I hope you accept my apology if we are brief with you.  It is for your benefit. It is so we can help as many people as possible as effectively as possible so we can eventually stop the toll road authorities from hammering Houston-area drivers so hard. Once I am hired I will review you intake form without a week, call you if I need clarification on any issues, and write my settlement offer and hearing request letter by the following Friday.


We have had lots of success recently at Cory Roth Law Office on our toll road cases.  I saved one client over $13,000 in Harris County court.  I saved another client just over $4,000 in Harris County court.  I saved another client 50% of what the toll road authority was demanding, plus a waiver of attorney’s fees.  Over in the toll road administrative court I am routinely saving clients more than what they pay me to represent them — we are talking $300 plus dollars in savings at least in most cases.  In Fort Bend, I saved a few clients a few thousand dollars each this month.  Not only that, but we are getting these clients long term-payment plans that are not offered to folks who show up to toll road court without a lawyer.  I have had several clients who have been told that hiring a lawyer wont help, but then I show up and get my clients deals not previously offered.

You tell me what the difference is between 1/2 down and 1/2 within 3 months.  You tell me what the difference is between $250 monthly payments and $89 monthly payments.  It is huge, right!  Sure, there is the occasional case where I cannot get a better deal.  I try to avoid those cases, but that requires you to be open, honest, and complete with me when you fill out my toll road case evaluation and toll road case intake forms.

Please give Cory Roth Law Office a chance.  No one else represents folks like you in Houston.  Those that do, don’t do it regularly and don’t know what to expect or how to prepare or what to argue.  I hope I can help you like I have helped hundreds of other good folks save probably well over $100,000 by now.

I look forward to helping you out.


Cory J. Roth

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