tiwa-blogI was contacted by a business owner who told me that the Harris County Toll Road Authority was demanding $35,355.98.  This business owner owns several trucks, none of which had an EZ Tag.  One thing you ought to know is that the more axles a truck has, the higher the toll for the vehicle.

My advice to business owners that that you must either purchase EZ Tag accounts for your commercial vehicles or strictly prohibit your employees from driving on the toll roads.  Personally, I don’t know what I would do if I owned a trucking business.   On one hand, you want to deliver your products as quickly and efficiently as possible. More often than not, that requires driving on the toll road. On the other hand, that is expensive. Is it really reasonable to think your employees will stay off the toll road if you tell them too?  Probably not.  On the other hand, you are looking at an $11.00 administrative fee for each unpaid toll, and up to $500.00 in collection fees for each license plate.  If you end up being sued in county court for an abstract of judgment from the administrative court you are also facing 33% attorney fees of the total amount.  It isn’t pretty.

I am happy to say that I saved this toll road client a massive $15,385.99 to be paid over 48 months.  Folks, I hope you don’t end up in this situation where you owe the Harris County or Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority a whole lot of money, but if you do, call us!

We are the only law firm in the Houston area that handles toll road cases.  We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over just the past two years.

Total Demanded $35,355.98 My client owed $26,583.37.  Reduced to $19,969.99.  Saved $6,613.38.  Waived $8,772.61.  Total savings $15,385.99.

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