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I spent a lot of time and effort creating the perfect logo for my law firm, Cory Roth Law Office.  I wanted my logo to be unique, representative of who I am as a person, and what my Houston based criminal defense and car crash law firm is as a separate and distinct legal service provider.  It is probably no coincidence that my criminal and car crash clients frequently ask, “What does your logo mean?”

Meet The Attorney

First things first:  Who is the attorney?  Attorney Cory Roth was born and raised in Houston, Texas, by both of his parents.  I grew playing soccer and hockey while frequently being coached by my attorney father, and acting. I was competitive in all three to the point that I was a professional actor and played international and college soccer.  As an actor, I was known for my emotional range and ability to tell a story.  As an athlete, I was knowing for my aggressive, yet skillful play, and never backing down from a challenge. It was in high school that I became a fan of the Arsenal Football Club of London, England.  My fandom of Arsenal would create the drawing board for the official logo of Cory Roth Law Office.

My Logo


The Cory Roth Law Office logo is bright red – at least on my card and letterhead – Arsenal’s home color.  The logo is shaped like the Arsenal crest.  The Arsenal crest when on a the uniform, like all soccer crests, rest above the heart.  At Cory Roth Law Office, we represent our clients with heart.

The crest is also in the shape of a shield — as in the type of shield warriors held for thousands of years.  I felt it was important to have my logo shaped like a shield because I am a protector, a defender.  I defend my clients constitutional rights, their livelihood, their family, and their freedom.  Inside my logo, the crest is divided into four separate quadrants bisected by a sword.  The sword originates form the bottom quadrant of my logo.  I wanted a sword, and my logo and web developers at found the perfect sword.  The sword held by hand and is being held straight up.  That is my hand holding the sword, and I hold that sword because not only will I use it to protect my criminal defense clients from prosecutors, cops, and lying witnesses, and my car crash clients greedy insurance companies, but because I use that sword to attack them as well.

At the top of my logo you see my initials.  My initials are on the logo because you have to know who I am.  While I think it is great to be humble, I think you also want your criminal and car crash lawyer to be confident and have a chip on his shoulder.  On the left quadrant there is a gavel. The gavel is there because, well, there had to be something blatantly lawyerly on there, rights?  I’m kidding.  Sort of.  The gavel is there to represent justice.  At Cory Roth Law Office, we fight for justice, and gavel is not all the way up or all the way down because it is in motion. Justice, like the gavel in my logo, is fluid and it is not final.  The story is rarely over, with a settlement, plea agreement, or verdict, and the gavel in motion represents that.

Finally, you will see a defiant fist on the right quadrant that is fully erect.  I decided to have the fist because the first represent rebellion. The fist represents the underdog, it represents fighting for what is just, it represents the fighting for the oppressed, and the fist represents THE fight.  That is who we represent at Cory Roth Law Office, and we take great pride in that.  We take great pride in fighting the system, whether it be the all powerful police and prosecutors in criminal cases, or greedy insurance companies in car crash cases, for the oppressed.

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I hope this blog post about my logo helped shed some light on the type of person, lawyer, and law firm that has your back and fights for you when you hire Cory Roth Law Office for your criminal charges or car crash case.  Please give us a call at 713-864-3400 for a free consultation and case evaluation to see how we can help you.



Cory J. Roth

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