Live on TV Following Not Guilty Verdict
Live on TV Following Not Guilty Verdict


Driving While Intoxicated is one of the most prosecuted crimes in the State of Texas. Most people think that you can only be charged with DWI if you have been drinking alcohol. Well, those people are wrong. You can actually be charged with DWI if you are intoxicated on literally any substance, including, marijuana, ecstasy, mushrooms, mescaline, Adderall, cocaine, LSD, meth, amphetamines, caffeine, tree bark (yes, tree bark a.k.a. DMT), Molly, MDMA, ephedrine, mescaline, Ritalin, acid, and many, many more.

But wait, how can I be arrested for DWI if I don’t have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher? A person can be convicted of DWI if he has a BAC of over .08, he has experienced the normal loss or his mental faculties, or he has experienced the normal loss of his physical facilities.

At the moment, most officers do not have the knowledge, experience, and skill to determine whether someone is intoxicated on a drug, which is why if the police determine something has you intoxicated and they have ruled out alcohol, but they cannot determine exactly what messed you up, you will be arrested and taken to jail to meet with a drug recognition “expert,” or “DREs,” and have your blood drawn. The good news is that these drug recognition “experts” are not really experts. They went to a two week class, and believe they are qualified to be doctors. At best, drug recognition “experts” are drug recognition “evaluators,” “eye witnesses,” “estimators,” and paper pushers. These people are not doctors, and if I have anything to do with it, the judge will not allow the DREs to be called experts at your trial.

Think about this. What happens when people smoke marijuana? They are cautious. Many actually become safer drivers. What happens people take Adderall, or other “study drugs?” The get focus of a puma and reaction speeds of a cheetah. Science has even showed that the use of amphetamines improves driving abilities.

At the end of the day, DWI’s are serious business that can seriously affect your life. You need a Texas Drug DWI Trial Lawyer that focuses his practice on drug crimes and drug DWIs. Trust me, the cost of hiring the wrong DWI drug lawyer will way outweigh the cost of hiring the right DWI drug lawyer.

Stay tuned for more to follow.

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Cory Roth
Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Cory Roth
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