I had a pretty good week or so.  

Last week I had a possession of marijauna case dismissed against my client who was a passenger in a truck with three buddies who all had weed on them.  There was also weed underneath my client’s seat.

On Wednesday, I won a Motion to Suppress after picking a jury. Case Dismissed.

Today, Friday, I showed up to court for our pretrial conference setting on a marijauna case.  It was supposed to go to trial mid-march. I showed up to court this morning and my client’s name wasn’t called at docket.  The court coordinator seemed to mumble that the case was dismissed when I said his name wasn’t called.  I approach the coordinator, and she goes to the clerk and pulls out a yellow sheet saying case dismissed.  This client found me on Avvo. He was pulled over for driving with his headlights off at night.  His friend was in the passenger seat with just about two ounces of weed in Tupperware at his feet.  

This case was purely about possession, which means the government had to prove my client had actual or constructive care, control, or management over the pot.

Either the ADA doesn’t want to take weed cases to trial, this was truly a tough case to make, or they are growing scared after my win this week (probably not…really…maybe…hopefully).

If you hire me on a weed case be prepared to go to court many times over the course of many months because good things happen when you set cases for trial.

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